What is Umbrella Winter City Sounds?
Umbrella is a two-week live music festival in the city of Adelaide. It runs from Friday July 13 to Sunday July 29 2018.

Where does it take place?
Umbrella primarily takes place in live music venues and other locations within the city of Adelaide and its outskirts.

What kind of shows will there be?
It’s a celebration of all forms of contemporary live music – from orchestras and choirs, folk, hip hop, metal, pop, acoustic, punk, electronic, metal and everything in between. Expect new artists, original music, tribute acts and more.

Will there be an Information Session I can attend?
Yes! We will have an information sessions on Monday March 26 at 5.30pm in St Paul’s Creative Centre,  and are available for a chat on the phone or send us an email.

Can my show be a part of it?
Listing a show as part of Umbrella is open to all live music events, whether you are a venue, an artist, or an event manager.

Does it cost anything to be included in Umbrella?
Umbrella registration incurs a small fee of $25 per event registered.
You will need to register separately if you want to also be included in the Guitars in Bars program featured within Umbrella via the Adelaide Festival Centre website.

What does my registration get me?
Over 50,000 copies of the free printed guide will be distributed across the state and as an insert inside the NSW and Perth Scenestr editions, with all registered events listed. Umbrella will be supported with a huge marketing campaign led by Music SA. On top of the printed guide, key marketing initiatives include a far-reaching general publicity campaign, street dressing, venue dressing, merchandising, digital promotion (e.g. social media, website), promotion through moshtix and traditional generic advertising across print media, TV and radio.

Do I need to do my own marketing and promotion?
Yes, absolutely. The more the merrier.  Music SA will provide Umbrella registered events with digital templates for posters, Facebook etc that still leave plenty of room for you to convey your own brand and vision for your Umbrella show.  Our aim is to have the Umbrella logo on all promotion so that there is a cohesive and impactful message about Umbrella. We also encourage the use of #UmbrellaADL and #ADLCityofmusic (Adelaide City of Music) #eventssa.

What kind of show should I be running?
All live music events are welcome to enter, but to really stand out you should try and think outside the box. Consider ideas during daytime hours, during weekdays, straight after work, in a range of genres, catering to particular demographics (e.g. children, young families, all ages) and differing cultural groups, addressing the theme of ‘winter’ – the more that your event is ‘different’, the more it will stand out.

Is there a theme I should be considering?
Consider that this is a winter festival and get creative within that theme. We want to be reminding people that there’s still plenty of fun to be had outside the house, even if it might be cold. Think about phrases like “warmth”, “communal”, “illuminate”, “diverse”, “thrilling” and “bright”.

Can I get sponsors for my event?
Yes! You’re more than welcome to bring on any sponsors, both cash and in-kind.

What about other funding sources (i.e. grants)?
Please feel free to apply for any grants you can find, but keep in mind that the festival is soon, and deadlines for registrations are even sooner.

I run a venue – how can I get involved?
If you have a great event running within the Umbrella festival period fill out the Event Registration Form and we will list it in our Umbrella gig guide!

How do I make myself available for an event someone else may be organising? 
Either a venue, an artist/s or a promoter can register an event for Umbrella. You need to treat it the same way you treat any other gig by proactively sending your band information to bookers, organising a show with other artists you wish to play with, speaking with venues and talking to people you know have staged one off gigs in your genre in the past or who might arrange club nights. You can register for FREE on the Music SA Artist Directory and you can also put it out on your social media channels that you are looking for an umbrella gig. There is no ‘notice board’ as such.

I’ve got another question, who can I get in touch with?
Jessi Tilbrook is the Umbrella Coordinator and works 9am – 5pm Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Contact Jessi via email at jessi@musicsa.com.au

What happens next?
You will receive an acknowledgment email and digital assets to promote your event. The printed program will hit the streets 13 June 2018 in various outlets.