Organising the right venue for your event is one of the most important decisions you need to make, in order to get the fit right.

If you have already booked a venue, great. If not, you need to get onto it asap. To find a list of venue options, please go to and click on ‘Directory’ and ‘Venues.’

If you are a guitar based act, consider speaking to Ben Hambour at Guitars in Bars and getting involved with both events.

There are some essential things to consider when booking a venue:

Capacity – Is it too big? Too small? Will you sound awesome in that space? Or will you sound like an echo? You need to ensure you aren’t booking a 300 person capacity room if you are realistically expecting 50 people. A room that appears empty is not a good look. That doesn’t work in reverse either. A room that no one can move in is also what you are not aiming for.

Cost of Hire – Is it within your budget? Do they want an upfront hire fee or a percentage of door sales? What is included in the cost? Do they have PA equipment, a stage, other equipment? If so, is that an additional hire cost or is it included?

Is the venue suitable – What other events do the venue have on? Is it licensed or is that an additional thing you need to organise and budget for? Do they provide the staff? Does the existing clientele suit your event? Does the venue host live music in your genre?

Location – Is it accessible? Is there enough parking or public transport nearby? Is it city based?

Artist & Venue Agreement – What kind of contract is the venue offering? Make sure you read all the terms & conditions of booking your venue so you aren’t left surprised/shocked with additional expenses at the end. It is important that you understand your agreement as it is a legally binding document. You will need to negotiate with the venue an agreed form of payment. This can either be a guarantee, a door deal or a versus deal.

Will the venue be proactive in marketing Umbrella and your event? Will your venue be happy for you to decorate it as you see fit? What restrictions do they have on decorations? Think about what forms of advertising you can use and what will reach your target market the best. Is it posters & flyers? Postcards? Your facebook event page and making sure you keep it active? Where will you publicise your event?

Put your event out there! Write a brief description of your event, have a high resolution image and send out to the media. Contact local radio, there’s no charge to jump on one of the shows and have a chat about your event. Or if it’s within your budget, you can get a local mag or paper to run a story on your event, or even purchase some advertising spaces.


What you need to supply us with BEFORE May 19: 

  • The name of your band/show
  • The date (what day it is)
  • The time
  • The location- venue
  • What genre or type of event
  • Is it all ages or 18+ only?
  • Ticket price
  • A photo of your act/band or logo in the following format:
  • Square image
  • 1-5mb
  • a minimum of 10cm x 10cm
  • CMYK
  • A brief description of your event
  • A link to ticket sales

Registration of $25 per event gets you the following:

  • Inclusion in the Umbrella free glossy printed guide that has a large distribution area
  • Huge general marketing campaign for Umbrella led by Music SA
  • Umbrella street dressing
  • Umbrella venue dressing
  • Umbrella Merchandising
  • Digital promotion (e.g. socials, website) on both Music SA and Umbrella pages
  • TV – Umbrella ad
  • Radio
  • Print media advertising

Remember this is a winter event. We aim to have the overall theming keep in line with this. We want to remind people that Winter is fun too. Use phrases like; warmth, communal, illuminate, diverse, thrilling and bright. Whilst we have a range of marketing initiatives, we strongly suggest you market your individual event as much as possible. There are guidelines for including the Umbrella – Winter City Sounds logo on your promotional material; whether it is a poster, magazine advert, social media artwork, flyer or other forms of advertising. You will be supplied digital assets, including the Umbrella logo, upon registration.

Be proactive on social media. Create a facebook event and invite all of your friends. Instagram pics of your venue or band photos and use hashtags to link in with Umbrella – Winter City Sounds and our sponsors.

Hashtags for use:

Instagram: umbrellaadl

If you have a child/family friendly event, think of utilising the first week of Umbrella –Winter City Sounds which coincides with the second week of

school holidays. Make it during the day. Use the weekdays. Find a suitable venue for kids. Think about what else you could incorporate into your event

to encourage families to come along. Don’t price it too high that it’s out of reach for a lot of families.

If you have an adults only event, consider a club or a bar predominantly frequented by over 18’s. Have it at night, especially weeknights.

Consider using moshtix for your ticketing requirements. The more events that utilise moshtix, the more they will promote Umbrella. Post links to your ticketing agency for pre sales.

Set up door sales on the night. Make sure you have enough cash in your float. Have a door person who greets your audience in an appropriate manner. The first impression is the most important.

If you have additional questions, you can email or

We have some great resources for you to have a look at in regards to venue contracts and other hints & tips.