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Organising the right venue for your event is one of the most important decisions you need to make, in order to get the fit right.

If you have already booked a venue, great. If not, you need to get onto it asap. To find a list of venue options, please go to www.musicsa.com.au and click on ‘Directory’ and ‘Venues.’

If you are a guitar based act, consider speaking to Ben Hambour at Guitars in Bars and getting involved with both events.

There are some essential things to consider when booking a venue:

Capacity – Is it too big? Too small? Will you sound awesome in that space? Or will you sound like an echo? You need to ensure you aren’t booking a 300 person capacity room if you are realistically expecting 50 people. A room that appears empty is not a good look. That doesn’t work in reverse either. A room that no one can move in is also what you are not aiming for.

Cost of Hire – Is it within your budget? Do they want an upfront hire fee or a percentage of door sales? What is included in the cost? Do they have PA equipment, a stage, other equipment? If so, is that an additional hire cost or is it included?

Is the venue suitable – What other events do the venue have on? Is it licensed or is that an additional thing you need to organise and budget for? Do they provide the staff? Does the existing clientele suit your event? Does the venue host live music in your genre?

Location – Is it accessible? Is there enough parking or public transport nearby? Is it city based?

Artist & Venue Agreement – What kind of contract is the venue offering? Make sure you read all the terms & conditions of booking your venue so you aren’t left surprised/shocked with additional expenses at the end. It is important that you understand your agreement as it is a legally binding document. You will need to negotiate with the venue an agreed form of payment. This can either be a guarantee, a door deal or a versus deal.